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Pudong's East Coastline is a must-see

Updated: 2018-01-17

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Pudong's East Coastline is a must-see

An open space along Huangpu River. [Photo provided to]

The 45-kilometer-long public space along the Huangpu River is soon to open to the public, according to a news report published on Pudong website on Jan 5.

The opening of the public space carries special significance, such as displaying Pudong's culture and history. One of the most important functions of the space is to provide a space for the public to have fun.

Huangpu River has long been considered as Shanghai's mother river and has witnessed Shanghai's development. Since the opening of the dock in the 19th century, industries have been rapidly developing along the coast, which can now be seen from the remaining historical relics such as the shipyard, dock, chimney and silo.

Foreign expertise has been included into the establishment of the east coast of Huangpu River. For example, more trees and plants have been planted along the coast, and now every section of the coastline shows different characteristics and styles.

Worth mentioning are also the tracks for promenade, running and cycling have been put side by side. And with the rising and falling of the terrains, the tracks also present a curly wave. The tracks have also been equipped with basic facilities for the local people.

Meanwhile, the QR code has also been put in the space, so that visitors can scan it to view videos introducing the beauty of the surrounding sceneries.


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